A selection of small works in mixed media and collage on canvas

by Robyn Pridham

Exhibition at the Budgeon's display case, Richmond Library Foyer

24 January to 14 April 2024

Review by Vicki Lam

Robyn Pridham, a distinguished artist, completed her fine arts degree in 2008 and has since enjoyed a remarkable 24-year career, marked by numerous residencies and prestigious awards including first prize 2023 George Hicks Contemporary Foundation Art Prize and a piece in the private collection Victorian Artists Society of Victoria Hoechst Qenos.Pridham’s unwavering dedication to her craft is evident in her extensive body of work.

Pridham's artistic vision is deeply rooted in nature, particularly in the beauty of weathered, broken, and frayed elements. The series of works displayed in the Budgeons Case, which she has meticulously accumulated over the past decade, showcases her masterful use of natural colours and her adeptness in employing collage and mixed media techniques. Each piece skilfully captures the delicate yet resilient essence of nature, creating a harmonious and captivating collection.Pridham was inspired to pursue a career in fine arts by her deep connection to nature and her fascination with the beauty found in weathered, broken, and frayed elements. Her passion for capturing the fragility and strength of nature through her art has been a driving force in her artistic journey.

Additionally, her numerous residencies and awards have further fuelled her commitment to her craft, solidifying her dedication to a career in fine arts.It appears that Pridham often explores themes related to the natural world, memory, and the passage of time in her artwork. Her pieces frequently reflect a deep connection to the beauty found in weathered, aged, and organic elements, evoking a sense of nostalgia and contemplation of the transient and enduring aspects of life.Pridham's work also delves into the visual poetry of decay and impermanence, inviting viewers to reflect on the cycles of growth and change in the world around them. Additionally, her art often conveys a profound appreciation for the inherent beauty of the everyday, celebrating the textures, colours, and forms found in nature. Through her exploration of these themes, Pridham's artwork offers a contemplative and evocative experience for the viewer.

Pridham uses various artistic techniques to create depth in her paintings. Some of the techniques she employs include:

1. Layering: Pridham builds up layers of paint and other materials to create a sense of depth and dimension within her compositions.

2. Perspective: Pridham may use techniques such as linear perspective or atmospheric perspective to create the illusion of depth and distance within her paintings.

3. Contrast: By using contrasting colours, values, and textures, Pridham can create visual depth and a sense of spatial relationships within her artwork.

4. Impasto: Pridham may apply paint in thick, textured layers to add physical depth and a three-dimensional quality to her paintings.

5. Blending and glazing: Pridham may use blending and glazing techniques to create smooth transitions between colours and to add layers of translucent color, enhancing the sense of depth within her paintings.Overall, Pridham's use of these techniques allows her to create paintings that are rich in visual depth, inviting viewers to explore the layers and nuances within her compositions.

The series of works displayed in the Budgeons Case by Pridham include:

Paperbark No.1

Paperbark No.2

What Remains No.1

What Remains No.2

Urban Life

Night Garden and Winter-Sea and Land


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