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A4 Art Australia 2020


Completed entry form & 2D artworks must be received by us by Friday 21 February 2020

  1. Entry to the Contemporary Art Society's A4 ART AUSTRALIA 2020 EXHIBITION is open to all artists working in a contemporary style.
  2. On submission of your entry on this form, you will be sent a confirmatory email summarizing all the details you have provided on this form.
  3. Please read the online entry conditions for this exhibition BEFORE completing and submitting this entry form. Click HERE to view the A4 Art Australia 2020 Exhibition Entry Conditions (do this before you fill in the entry form).
  4. Your payment of entry fees must also be received by the exhibition entry deadline on Friday 21/2/2020.

Please complete details below. Note fields marked with a red * are required. When you have entered all the information required press SUBMIT at the end of the form.






All involved in running this exhibition are volunteers. We request your help with sitting ONE SLOT - either a half day of the exhibition AM or PM slot, or assisting with hanging / install /de-install of the exhibition, or some other small tasks during exhibition.


NOTE: Only Melbourne metropolitan entrants are requested to help. Country Victoria and Interstate entrants are exempt.


Give us your preferences for 4 different slots using the numbers 1 to 4 on the right side. (Note a '1' means first preference, '2' second preference - and so on.) We will try to allocate you to your first preference, but we cannot guarantee it, since some slots will be more popular than others. We assume you will want to sit only one slot, but let us know if you are available to sit more than one slot via the final option in the slot list below.

NOTE: We will contact you to confirm the time slot allocated to you.

Exhibition framing Wednesday 11 March, 9.30am-1.00pm
Exhibition framing Wednesday 11 March, 12.30pm-4.00pm
Exhibition hanging Friday 13 March, 9.30am-2pm
Exhibition opening Saturday 14 March, 11.00am-2pm
Exhibition un-framing Tuesday 14 April, 9.30am-2pm
Sitting SAT 14 MARCH 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SAT 14 MARCH 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting SUN 15 MARCH 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SUN 15 MARCH 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting SAT 21 MARCH 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SAT 21 MARCH 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting SUN 22 MARCH 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SUN 22 MARCH 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting FRI 27 March 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting FRI 27 March 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting SAT 28 March 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SAT 28 March 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting SUN 29 March 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SUN 29 March 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting SAT 4 April 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SAT 4 April 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting SUN 5 April 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SUN 5 April 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting FRI 10 April (Good Friday) 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting FRI 10 April (Good Friday) 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting SAT 11 April 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SAT 11 April 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting SUN 12 April 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting SUN 12 April 1.45pm-4.30pm
Sitting MON 13 April 11.15am-2.00pm
Sitting MON 13 April 1.45pm-4.30pm
Number of sessions I will help with ('1' will be assumed unless you say otherwise)

Please add your postage to the box on the right, and then enter your total entry fees payable (entry fees PLUS postage) into the box on the right.

NOTE: CAS Members receive 3 FREE entries. You must be a currently paid-up CAS Member to receive FREE entries to A4 Art Australia.


You will be taken to our PAYMENT METHODS page after you submit this form where you will see more information about how to pay.

* See A4 Art Australia Exhibition Entry Conditions HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Type in the numbers & letters you see in the box below before pressing the submit button.

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