CAS Picnic in Burnley Gardens 31st Jan 2021

review by Carmel Ritchie (4th Feb 2021)



It was a wonderful warm day when a members and friends came to these remarkable gardens for a post Christmas lunch. There was a lot of happy chattering, introductions to new friends and catching up which was appreciated by all, although Patsy was a little reserved with all the attention.


After lunch we were treated to a horticultural tour of the garden by our very own half trained horticulturist. Robert directed us to particular exotic trees, explaining stories about those trees. Most were planted in the 1860’s.

Ancient Fig        Magnificent Kauri        Bulbous Baobob

But there were dangers! We were guided under a large web between trees and had to be very careful of falling banyan pine cones the size of a large coconut!


Later we participated in an KK present share. Each person brought an $10 gift wrapped up in Christmas paper to share. Just like little kids, we were thrilled to receive a gift. I was given a picture of a tiled floor and a vase of flowers. Always good to share.

As I left this happy group of artists and friends, I was very pleased that I made the effort to meet new people and travel to Richmond to these wonderful gardens.

I left, encouraged in my art endeavors and promised myself that I would return to these gardens.


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