George Seraphim

Soul Blueprints - Mixed media on paper

Fitzroy Library Exhibition Space, 128 Moor Street, Fitzroy

23 February - 22 April 2010

Through the uplifting and harmonious work of George Seraphim at the Fitzroy Library, one is moved into a mystical and spiritual dimension. The exhibition includes 6 paintings hung on the bluestone wall of the library; which incorporate hieroglyphics, shapes and symbols;  plus a series of complex and carefully executed ‘Soul Blueprints’ in the glass cabinets. Through these works one can see that through following his calling on a spiritual journey, George is discovering the truth, and exploring his higher destiny in life.

With the careful layering of thick paint in Sacred Heart, the cracks that are created add interest to the textures on the surface of the work.

In Absolute, the work is of a painterly nature through the application of thick layers of paint, and symbols and forms have been scraped back into the surface. This work is more colourful than some of the others, with the very pleasing  use of complimentary colours.

Angelic has heiroglyphic symbols scraped into the surface, with a beautiful use of mixed media on the canvas. The striking use of colour in Madonna with Child is highlighted through the subtle use of greens and yellow, in combination with red and purple.

In the explanation that accompanies George’s exhibition, he states that on the inner most level there exists a blueprint, or sacred design. In his works, George uses varying geometric designs, patterns and shapes, in the series of prints using mixed media on paper.

Most of the ‘Soul Blueprints’ are accompanied by raw canvas scrolls, with text and symbols - some are of a mystical nature, some religious, Egyptian, Chinese and other symbols are used.

Soul Blueprint - St George, Mixed media on paper, 84 x 59cm 2009

The highlight of the series in the glass cabinets is the one original ‘Soul Blueprint’, titled St George, with its impressive use of colour in the geometric map. The reds and yellows, circles and lines blend beautifully through the use of what appears to be both paint and pencil. The spiritual designs incorporate various symbols, and a never ending matrix of geometric patterns.

The prints, in the corridor are executed in harmonious colours of differing combinations, of spiritual designs, patterns, sizes shapes and symbols.

George has written ‘”Stop to feel the energy that passes through you in every watching moment.” I highly recommend that you stop and take time to view and connect with these peaceful soul maps, they are beautiful and harmonious.

Review by Rosemary Mangiamele

Absolute, mixed media on paper, 40 x 40cm, 2007

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