Pay for an artwork purchase

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For any of the items below you need to add to your PayPal CART....

  • Enter the correct quantity into the Quantity box (if no Quantity box is visible, skip this step)
  • Click once on an Add to cart button (below) - a new Cart window will open in your web browser
  • IMPORTANT: if you need to add more items to your Cart, just leave the cart window open and go back to the payment window below. You may also close the cart window (NOTE: some browsers like Firefox might return you to the HOME page if you press Continue shopping button in the cart window as a third alternative).
  • You may also amend or delete items in the cart window prior to clicking the Check out using PayPal button.

Pay for your an Art Exhibition artwork purchase....

  • Enter the price of the artwork into the Quantity box below which will be the number of Australian dollars you need to pay. For example, enter '100' into the quantity box if the amount you are paying is $100
  • Then click Add to cart once
  • A new browser window should then open, showing your PayPal cart, and the details of your artwork purchase
  • Check all the details and amend if necessary before clicking Check out with PayPal


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