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Susan Gustafson
acrylic and mixed media paintings

1 November 2023 to 21 January 2023
The Budgeon's display case, Richmond Library Foyer

Review by Katherine Chouliaras Lewis

Venturing into the Richmond Library on a gloomy, rain-soaked day, I stumbled upon a burst of colour and creativity in Susan Gustafson's captivating art exhibition. Since Thursday, 1st November 2023, her works have adorned the 'Budgeons Case' in the library's foyer at 415 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria.

Susan's collection is a delightful mix of acrylic paintings and collages, perfectly complementing the library's atmosphere. As I explored the exhibit, her insightful explanations of tone and collage added a layer of depth that resonated well with the setting.

Every piece, from paintings and collages to prints and cards, radiated vibrancy, dynamism, and inspiration. The artworks effortlessly captured my imagination, drawing me into their world. Among my favourites were the acrylic masterpiece 'Bay of Fires, Tasmania,' inviting me to envision myself clambering over smooth rocks and plunging into the sapphire blue waters. 'Flowering Gum' resonated with my love for flowers and native gums, while 'Escape' with its vibrant red backdrop and soaring birds evoked memories of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. The acrylic print of the 'Australian Pink Cockatoo' and the abstract acrylic 'Untitled' also held a special place in my heart, each for its unique charm and allure.

Susan Gustafson's talents shone through in every displayed artwork, demonstrating her mastery of colour, balance, tone, value, light, depth, and perspective. I urge you to experience the magic for yourself - visit the Richmond Library, indulge in the visual feast, and consider bringing home a piece of Susan's brilliance in the form of her colourful artworks and cards. Hurry, as the exhibition concludes on Monday, 22nd January 2024.

Kudos to Susan Gustafson for a splendid 'Budgeons Case' Exhibition, showcasing her remarkable talent and best wishes for all your future artistic endeavours!


  • gustafson_art_BayOfFiresTasmania_w.jpg
  • gustafson_art_BlueVase_w.jpg
  • gustafson_art_Escape_w.jpg
  • gustafson_art_FloweringGum_w.jpg
  • gustafson_art_Pears_w.jpg
  • gustafson_art_PinkCockatoo_w.jpg
  • gustafson_art_Rebirth_w.jpg
  • gustafson_art_Untitled_w.jpg
  • gustafson_caseshot-1_w.jpg
  • gustafson_caseshot-2_w.jpg
  • gustafson_caseshot-3_w.jpg
  • gustafson_caseshot-4_w.jpg
  • gustafson_caseshot-5_w.jpg

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