Annual Exhibition 2021


  1. Only financial members of the C.A.S. Inc. are eligible to enter works in this exhibition. Entrants must be financial for the 2021 - 2022 financial year. Years of membership are as per CAS records. This year. (2021 only) the works on paper section, CAS financial members will receive FREE entry. Note: you MUST have entered a minimum of ONE artwork in the Annual Exhibition main section to be eligible to enter ANY works on paper.

  2. SITTING: All Melbourne metropolitan exhibitors are required to sit one session of the exhibition, or assist with other duties in lieu (at co-ordinator's discretion). Preferences will be taken into account, but may not be available. If artist is unable to sit, a fee of $30 applies.
  3. Each artist may enter up to TWO works. All artworks must remain on show for the exhibition duration. The cost of the first entry is $30. The second entry is subsidized by CAS, and is given as a free entry, and only applies to the second work entered.
  4. SIZE: A size limit of 1 metre x 1 metre applies for any 2 dimensional entered on this entry form. 3 dimensional artworks (not wall mounted) may exceed these dimensions. NOTE: Artists whom PREVIOUSLY entered and paid to enter artwork for the postponed Annual Exhibition will still be allowed to enter those artworks. Any REPLACEMENT artworks must be under the 1 metre x 1 metre size restriction. The following ONLY applies to works that were previously submitted for postponed Annual exhibition, on previous entry form: All works over 122cm in height, width or depth will incur $5 for every 30cm, or part thereof, by which any dimension: height, width or depth exceeds 122cm.

  5. Works entered in a previous C.A.S. Inc. Annual Exhibition will not be accepted.

  6. Work may be in any stable medium, on any subject, and must be the original work of the artist entering it. If work/s are produced as multiples (bronzes, photographs, prints etc), the edition number and remaining works in that edition available must be recorded on the work and entry form.

  7. All 2D works must be suitably framed (a stretched canvas is considered framed) & presented ready for hanging with wire and screw-eyes or similar attached securely to back. String, cord or fishing line cannot be accepted. Sculpture maximum weight limit is 30 kilograms. Sculptors must provide their own clean stands. Small sculptures should be secured to stand.

  8. Entries must be clearly marked on back with the artist's name, address, phone number, title of work, dimensions, price and medium. (e.g: mixed media) Sculpture should be so marked underneath.

  9. Works may be for sale. A 25% commission will be charged by C.A.S. Inc. on the catalogue price of all sales resulting from the exhibition. Cheques for all sold works during exhibition will be posted to entrant within 1 month of end of show. Any cheques for sales or refunded entry fees not cashed within 12 months of issue will be cancelled and no correspondence entered into.

  10. C.A.S. Inc. does not collect G.S.T. All prices must be total selling price. Any G.S.T. liability between the artist and the A.T.O. remains the responsibility of the artist.

  11. The C.A.S. Inc. exhibition committee reserves the right to select works for exhibition and to decline to exhibit any work. Our policy is “unselected” members/work/s will be fully refunded the entry fee: exception: unsafe or wet works will be rejected & entry fees will not be refunded. Any rejected works will be held for collection on collection day. The C.A.S. Inc. reserves the right to edit artists’ information submitted for the catalogue / website. The judge's and exhibition committee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  12. Entries close 5pm, on Friday 3 December 2021. Completed entry forms must be accompanied by correct payment, with “Artists’ Comment” of each work (limit 50 words), and returned to: C.A.S. Inc., P.O. Box 283, Richmond, Vic 3121. Late entries will not be accepted and will be returned to sender. If you choose to email your “Artists’ Comment” it must also be received by this date.

  13. DELIVERY: All works must be delivered between 9am - 11am, Thursday 9 December to: Steps Gallery 62 Lygon Street, Carlton.

  14. COLLECTION: All unsold/unselected works must be collected from Steps Gallery 62 Lygon Street, Carlton. between 6pm - 7.30pm Sunday 19 December, or if by courier, after this date, by prior arrangement with C.A.S. Inc. Secretary.

  15. Artists who are unable to DELIVER works at above dates/times, must make arrangements with C.A.S. Inc. Secretary regarding delivery, at least 1 week prior to sending (a date & time as specified by Secretary). A $10 handling fee per work will apply for this service & must accompany entry. No works will be received by the society unless free of charge. No payment will be made by the society for freight or any other charge incurred in the delivery and/or return of any work. Insurance costs are the responsibility of the artist.

  16. If persons delivering or collecting works are to be other than those named on entry form, the Society must be notified in writing at least 24 hours prior to delivery / collection.

  17. Any works not collected by artist/agent at the appointed time will incur a fee of $20 per day per work. The artist/agent must contact the Secretary to arrange collection. Works not released until payment made. Works remaining uncollected or fees unpaid after 7 days from close of exhibition shall immediately become the property of C.A.S. Inc., and may be sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of in such a manner as deemed fit, and thereafter the C.A.S. Inc. shall be under no liability whatever to the artist in respect of any work so destroyed or disposed of.

  18. The C.A.S. Inc. will exercise reasonable care with work submitted, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever. Artists must arrange own insurance cover.

  19. The C.A.S. Inc. reserves the right to photograph submitted artwork, and/or use image/s as supplied by artist for the society’s records, promoting this and future exhibitions & for catalogue & archival purposes (printed, electronic & web-based).

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