Guided Spaces

An  installation of original mixed media art by Cheryle Bannon

The Budgeon's display case - Richmond Library Foyer

415 Church Street, Richmond (Melbourne)

29 March to 31 July 2018

Review by Edit Meaklim

Cheryle Bannon is a mixed media artist who has trained at RMIT University and has a degree in Bachelor of Fine Art and Painting. Cheryle is a Spiritual Artist whose work explores the fantasy based imagery of feminine.

Cheryle Bannon's works in Budgeins Case - women and owls


Cheryle Bannon's works in Budgeins Case – owls and brooches

The relatively modest size Budgeins display case in the foyer of the Richmond Library was filled to capacity with charming pieces of objects consisting of 9 paintings, 17 brooches mounted on wood, feathers richly embellished with scrolls and marks, numerous black and white portraits and cameos, and small sculptures. There was also a black and white, step by step, working instruction giving a wonderful insight into how a professional artist approaches a piece of work.


Cheryle Bannon's works in Budgeins Case - front view


Cheryle Bannon's works in Budgeins Case - how to draw owls

 About the exhibition, from Cheryle's Artist's Statement: “This exhibition explores women and owl companions as whimsical guides that teach us and whisper wisdom for the journey. This exhibition includes small mixed media acrylic paintings, owl sculptures and artisan brooches developing from my original whimsical owl collection. Owls are whimsical spirit guides that step into our world and remind us how to laugh at ourselves and look with wonder at our world. They are known as teachers and symbolize wisdom. These owls are here to remind you to step into those guided spaces.”

Shine, mixed media and acrylic, 25 x 25 cm, by Cheryle Bannon


Whispers mixed media brooch on wooden base with resin, 8.5 x 5 cm, by Cheryle Bannon

 More about some of Cheryle's works: Whispers - Life is a series of moments and as we pause for a moment and allow the world begins to open. it is these guided whispers that fill us and lead us to our hearts desire. Dreaming - When you are in that dreaming state you can easily step into your flow. This is the space where anything is possible as you imagine your world.


Dreaming mixed media: plaster, cloth, beads, paper, wire, 11 x 10 x 12 cm, by Cheryle Bannon


Cheryle Bannon's works in Budgeins Case - owls

The numerous 3 dimensional pieces of sculptures were created over wire armatures then covered with plaster coated cloth and painted as well as adding collage papers and a variety of embellishments, giving each piece an individual character and personality. The contents of the glass case was much admired by visitors to the library.


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