An exhibition of glass and ceramic works, as part of
the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2018
3 - 18 February

Review by Susan Gustafson

The opening of the second showcase, as part of the 2018 Herring Island Summer Arts Festival, was 'Vitreous', 3-18 February. A spectacular mix of Ceramics, Glass and Mosaics. The exhibition was officially opened by CAS President, Robert Lee, thanking the artisans and welcoming the visitors to the gallery, on a glorious Summer's day. The guests enjoyed relaxed conversation over a glass of wine, whilst appreciating and purchasing some contemporary pieces. The diversity of artworks was undeniably, unique and eclectic, and although every artwork had its own message and personal mark, one or two caught my eye.

Susan Fajnkind's 'Fleur', "A ceramic porcelain sculpture, intricate, fantasy of flowers, different levels for dimension and design". 'Victoria', as the artist explains, "Loved designing rich pattern to create Victorian style gown with hand cut pattern with crystals on hand made sash". Susan's use of ceramic porcelain, hand cut with such precision and skill creates an artpiece that is timeless and beautiful.

Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan's 'Hirondelle' in the artists own words, "Were created from my interest in birds and my love of the fable 'The Swallow and the Little Birds', which I read as a child, growing up in France. As a dual citizen of France and Australia, this subject matter reflects my personal narratives of migration, journey, belonging and displacement".

'Nowhere is a Destination Too', is one of an installation of 15 cranes in flight. As the artist explains, "A reflection on the endangered Japanese Red-Crowned Crane - threatened by habitat destruction. This is also a reflection on migration, perhaps a forced one .... a sense of displacement". Recycled crockery on cement sheeting were used to carefully construct wall sculptures made up of various shapes and colour patterns which resulted in stunning displays of birds in flight.

There were many other noteworthy works, including these:

Mark Howard's stunning layered glass works, such as 'Yoshida's Fuji', a large glass panel on a metal stand, its colours changing as the light shines through it. In the artists words, "When most people think of woodblock prints, 'HOKUSAI' springs to mind, for me it's Hiroshi Yoshida, here's my homage to his Mt. Fuji". Marks unique necklaces were unusual and original. The artist explains, "Using a combination of processes and techniques which include, fusing, silkscreening, copper and gold lustres, photographic imagery, gold leafing and sandblasting, resulting in a whole lot of magic". Mark's Untitled 'Botanical Study' is described by the artist as "Beauty and Inspiration comes in all kinds of everyday places. I noticed these beauties whilst walking along the Yarra..… Isn't nature a wonderful thing?".

Kirsten Laken's amazing imagery and imagination in her works, along with her highly creative use of media, showed us some beautiful and original pieces. 'Goddess of a New Age', in the artists own words, "Stain-painted leadlight with reclaimed objects, silver stain and enamel. Clay pipe, clock movement, ceramic doll parts, light globe section, slumped plate and wine glass base plus decorative wire. Within the Egg of Creation, Births the Goddess of a New Age".

This exhibition is a reflection of the dedication and talent of each and every artist who participated, and we look forward to many more exciting events like this in the near future.

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