Jon Lam

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1. What part of the process of creating art do you like best?

I really cannot separate them. They are all meaningful parts of the whole process. Besides, they are not always the same and that is what makes it interesting.

2. What is your working environment like?

My studio is attached to the back to my house where I can get lost in my own world. Its untidy but that is how I like it.

3. What kind of (formal & informal) art training have you had?

I studied Art and Design (Graphics) at the Gordan Institute of Technology, Geelong. After working in the industry for two years, I went to Melbourne State College to do my Bachelor of education (Secondary Art and Craft). I also did some workshop with some prominent local Artists.

4. Name some important influences and inspirations in your art career.

Too many to mention here but I do get most of my inspirations from the environment around me and Art Galleries visits.

5. List recent exhibitions of your work?

Countless group shows.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • March 2022 – “Praxis” – Mercure Hotel and Convention Centre, Ballarat
  • May 2021 – “Unplugged” – The Customs House Gallery, Echuca
  • October 2018 – “Miscellany” – The Foundry Arts Space, Echuca
  • February/March – 2016 – “Heart to Art” – Alton Gallery, Echuca
  • October 2014 – “Expressions of Interest” – Alton Gallery, Echuca
  • October 1995 – “Changes” – Whitefriars Park Gallery, Donvale

6. Describe some highlight/turning points of your art career?

  • After a long break, I had a very successful second solo Exhibition in October 2014, “Expressions of Interest”, at the Alton Gallery, Echuca. It is a confidence booster.
  • Sharing the people Choice award with Julien Bruere at the Victorian Artists Society in July 2015.
  • Winning the $5000 first prize of the 2016 Rochester Mural Festival.

7. Anything to add:

  • I tutor in Art Societies, runs painting workshops and gives private tuition. I do murals and commissions.
  • I belong to a few art societies including the Contemporary Artists Society of Victoria and the Victorian Artists Society. I am the 2nd vice president of the Ballarat Society of Artists and a past president of the Whitehorse Arts Association.
  • Please visit my website: http//

From a Distance

From a Distance. Oil on Canvas 95 x 95cm by Jon Lam

Yesterday Today Tomorrow. Oil and Polymur on Hessian by Jon Lam


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