'Christmas in July' Lunch at

  Sing's Bala Da Dhaba Indian Restaurant   

1455 Malvern Rd, Glen Iris

17 July 2022

Review by Toni Sanfilippo

The Contemporary Art Society’s Christmas in July lunch 2021 event was an absolute delight for all who attended.

The Contemporary Arts Society (CAS) ‘Christmas in July’ was held on 17 July 2022, at Singh's Bala Da Dhaba Indian Restaurant in Glen Iris, on Malvern Road. The day started at 12 noon with some light refreshment of sparkling wine, while waiting for the guests to arrive. It was raining outside, and looked to be a typical winter day in Melbourne. The artists, their families and friends of CAS arrived and they greeted one another and made conversation. In some cases members and friends of CAS had not seen each other for a while, months or even years. Thus for some, this served as a reunion of sorts. In other cases, people were able to meet new members they’d not encountered before. As people became acquainted, a few members showed their art work to others, from their phones, to make it known what kind of art work they made. One guest requested feedback about one piece of art work, as to people’s opinions. People enjoyed talking about their art, and just art in general. The Christmas in July event gave artists and art lovers a social outlet in this respect.

A chatting group pausing for a photo

Another photo as the plated entrées were served

The food was plentiful and well displayed, especially the entrée. CAS Christmas in July was a private function, and a buffet was served at 1pm. The salad was very fresh and served with raita, a nice spiced yoghurt sauce. The hot buffet served four curries - two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian - with rice and Indian flat breads.

Our chef and assistant about to open the buffet

The handing out of Kris Kringle gifts

After the meal had finished, the Kris Kringle was held. Robert and some other volunteers gave out the presents to the circa 30 guests. Everyone opened their gifts, and there were a few surprises. The Secretary of CAS, Cressida, received a big lettuce and red chilies! And as we all know, with the price of lettuce these days, Cressida struck Gold. The gifts were varied, including jewelery, CDs of Music, ceramics, wine and chocolate. This was a nice way to conclude the luncheon, although some stayed back to talk more.

CAS Secretary with a lovely fresh lettuce

Gifts included ceramics and puns …

… and paintbrushes

Guests also brought art materials and their own artworks for the Kris Kringle

CAS has at its heart, Art. It is a society full of artists who get involved in art by exhibiting their work and make exhibition opportunities available to the community. In addition to this, social events such as the Christmas in July provide a different angle for artist to engage with others, talk about their art and have some fun! The Melbourne winter can be a harsh one at times, and events like this give people a good reason to get out and about and reconnect with their passion over a jolly meal.

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