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paintings of Italy by MARGARET GURNEY


Margaret Gurney is having a solo exhibition, titled Italian Mosaic - paintings of Italy, at Without Pier Gallery, 320 Bay Rd, Cheltenham.

The show opens 6-8pm on 19 January, and runs till 2 February.

"An invitation to exhibit in the 2009 Florence Biennale and travelling through Italy from Florence to Sicily has inspired a series of paintings expressing the atmosphere and sense of place I felt there. Travelling through Italy in December, we were gifted with fine weather and few tourists, which combined to give us the time and space needed to absorb the wonders of Italy.

This Italian experience is the inspiration behind my latest exhibition Italian Mosaic - paintings of Italy.  As we traveled through the different regions, I loved subtle differences of the houses, art, architecture, food and the Italian people. I always travel with a sketch book and made many quick sketches as reference for the paintings in this exhibition.  I often pick some of the simple things you see in villages to incorporate in my work, such as washing hanging out a window, motor bikes or cats."

"I hope people will come and enjoy my paintings,"

Margaret Gurney


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