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Submit your 10 artwork IMAGES (not required for CAS Membership renewals)

1. use our IMAGE SUBMISSION FORM to upload your 10 artwork images.

2. specify/describe 10 images viewable on your website & use the IMAGE SUBMISSION FORM to describe these 10 artworks (you will not need to upload the images)

If you are submitting a NEW application for Full CAS Membership, you must also submit 10 images of recent artwork for consideration by the CAS Committee. Please do this in the separate UPLOAD IMAGES form (under Forms-Payment menu) AFTER you have submitted THIS application form.

You will sent by post a separate receipt for your tax-deductable donation to the Society (please allow 3 weeks).

You will be taken to our PAYMENTS page after you submit this form where you will see more information about how to pay.

  • For extra security, click-tick the 'I am not a robot' in the reCaptcha Box below, then select all the pictures that you see in the box matching the request given - then press VERIFY button.
  • Next click SUBMIT button at the end. NOTE: You MUST press the SUBMIT button to submit/renew your CAS Membership.
  • Once you press the SUBMIT button your form will be sent to us, and you will receive an email confirming the entry information you have submitted.
  • Please don't re-submit this FORM a second time. If you want to change any details - just EMAIL any amendments to us. Thanks.
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